Enhance the quality of your life at home


A well-styled home will feel organised, tranquil and balanced 


  • Are your living areas feeling cramped, chaotic, tired or depressing? 

  • Does your home adequately showcase the time and money you've already invested in it?

  • Does it reflect your interests, passions, and style?

You don’t have to spend a fortune


and you don’t have to start from scratch


You may already know what you like and want, but don't have the time; or just need a little help to pull it together.

Or, interiors may not be your thing and you prefer to invest your time elsewhere.

Let us revitalise your home for your well being, enjoyment and self expression


Reworking what you’ve already got is our speciality



Our interior styling and decorating service is for the average Sydney-sider, who wants big impact on a small budget. 

Whether your job is small or large, we’ll create living areas that are perfect for YOU, leveraging as much as we can of the furnishings you already have.

Wondering how it works? The first step is to meet at your property and have a conversation.

We'll get an understanding of your taste and how best to help you. You’ll get a feel for who we are, our style and how we work.

Next, together we’ll define the job scope, timeline and cost. You can decide whether or not to proceed, and you can even progress one small step at a time. We want to fit in with your budget, schedule and where you are at on your decorating journey.