There's property styling as you know it, and then there's our kind


Property styling to take with you - our twist on styling properties for sale 


You probably already know how crucial good property styling is, to sell your property for top dollar in Sydney's real estate market today. 

Did you know most of the cost of styling your property goes into hiring furniture for your 6 week sales campaign? That cost can be better spent.

Firstly, we'll use as many of your items as possible. Secondly, you'll keep, not hire, whatever furnishings need to be added. You can take them with you to your next home, gift or donate them - whatever you choose. 

Wondering how it works?


Styling for your taste


We'll work with you to decide how best to use your furnishings. We'll make recommendations for anything that you don't already have, and will work with you to select items that you will want for your next home (or to gift), within your budget.

Normally in property styling, you would not have a say in the items selected for hire, for the staging of your home. With our offering, you do, and you get to keep the items.

We'll charge a flat fee for our service, plus the cost of any items you agree to purchase through our sourcing. We can offer discounts from many local suppliers for tasteful items that are sure to appeal.

We'll need sufficient time before your property goes on the market. So, be sure to contact us as soon as possible.



Wondering why you'd want property styling?


Your property is your biggest asset - get the best ROI


Statistics show that a well styled home spends 50% less time on the market and sells for at least 7% more than a comparable non-styled home.

It's important to get the presentation of your property right, up front, by investing in professional styling. The longer your property is on the market the further the ultimate purchase price drops below the asking price.

It's like having your car cleaned and detailed before you sell it. If you expect top dollar then everything needs to be in top condition. 

Prospective buyers will form an opinion of your property within 30 seconds


First impressions are critical

You'll want to get buyers to the curb and through the door.  Then engage them quickly.

Elements that create 72% of the first impression inside the home are within the control of the seller. Everything the buyer can see, touch, smell and hear.


Only 8% of the population can see empty or badly filled rooms; and visualise size, scale and functionality


Buyers need visual guidelines

Professional styling will demonstrate room function, make rooms look larger, create flow and draw focus to features not flaws.


Buyers buy on emotion

Buyers want to visualise their lifestyle at the property. Good styling will consider the buyers' lifestyle aspirations and will enable them to emotionally connect with the property.


Buyers linger longer

Buyers will spend 3-6 minutes looking at your property. Make the time count by engaging them fully and without distraction.


Buyers perceive higher value

Styled properties give the impression of high quality properties which have been well maintained.


Lasting impressions matter

Leave a lasting mental picture and experience to make your property stand out from the competition.

Deliberation, planning & arranging for optimum design


Cohesive finished rooms tailored for showcasing


We will plan, arrange and style your property's interior with particular emphasis on furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. 

We'll consider the walk through traffic flow, room function, visual flow, property features, demonstration of room size and scale, aspirational connection with lifestyle at the property; and aesthetic of interior spaces to arrive at an optimum design.

Our styling will address furniture, lighting, flooring, colour, textiles and accessories. We'll produce cohesive finished rooms tailored for showcasing for sale.

Your property can be partially or fully furnished by us; and can be vacant or owner occupied.